Our mission is to promote a new philosophy of nutrition and bring it to the people, so that we who opt for a conscious life and a healthy diet can form the Forpro community together.

The 21st century has seen some major changes in our everyday lives: we communicate differently with our family and friends, we work differently, we get our information about the world in differently than we used to. And we even eat differently than we used to.

Our products rise to the challenges of this new world. We have less time, but on the other hand we feel we need to eat more consciously and healthily. Today it is not only top athletes who watch what type of food they eat: pregnant women, people who follow a special diet or those who get home exhausted at the end of a hard day would also like to eat food that is good for them so that they can stay healthy and achieve their goals. We were thinking of them when we created Forpro products.


Our food products and supplements are quick and easy to prepare wherever you are. We put many hours of research into developing products that are healthy and contain all the essential nutrients at the same time. And to the immense satisfaction of people on a diet we developed formulas that taste like the original dishes we know and love.


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